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Welcome to StoneFox Kennels

Pet Boarding and Grooming

Meet Dave Fletcher the new Owner, Manager, and Groomer.

I began my grooming career as a dog bather at PetSmart in San Diego, California. After about a month they realized the dogs responded to me really well and I handled them great. 

PetSmart then sent me to grooming School. After I was finished with school, I worked three years for PetSmart on contract. I’ve lived in medical lake my entire life except for the time I lived in California and really wanted to get back. I was allowed to transfer to PetSmart in Spokane where I worked for a year. 

After my year with PetSmart in Spokane, I started my own dog grooming business at the Whisper Oak Pet Resort in Medical lake. After a couple of years I was offered ownership of the entire business and I felt it was the right thing for me to do. I love working with the dogs and cats and pride myself in making sure my clients pets are well taken care of. 

Like I always say: it’s for the love of the animals.

We do everything possible to make sure your pet has a safe and comfortable stay with us at StoneFox. The boarding areas are clean and the animals are well watched.

We are conveniently located for both Spokane and the Spokane Airport. We would be proud to be your pet’s home away from home.

For appointments please Call 509-991-3075